Palawan Island Aerial Shot 1

Best Beach Spots In Singapore For Outdoor Family Photography

There are some fantastic beach spots in Singapore where you and your family can get together for a photoshoot and also watch the calm seas lap onto the white sandy beaches. If you have traveled to South Asia, you already know the beach scenario in this part of the world can be quite standard. However, the beaches in Singapore are different and offer something novel. The best beach spots in Singapore are centered around Sentosa Island and Eastern Singapore. Here is a look at some of these locations for outdoor family photography.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Island Aerial Shot 1

This is everyone’s personal favorite – mainly because it is so quiet and because there is a lot of room available for an entire family to relax. There is a bridge which you can cross to go to a small island which is believed to be the southernmost tip of Asia. This island is perfect for relaxing in the shade and taking pictures of your family.

Family Outdoor Beach Photo

Tanjong beach

Sentosa Tanjong Beach

This beach is famous for its Tanjong Beach Club where people come to enjoy an evening party. Tanjong Beach is a good place to take your family to enjoy a few drinks and relax. It is also perfect for photography and a ten-minute walk from the club will ensure you can enjoy the beach all to yourself. Make sure you make reservations before visiting this place.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

This is one of the busier beaches in Singapore but it has a lot to offer including a beach bar and shops that sell sunglasses and jewelry. The waters are clear blue and provide the perfect backdrop for all your family photographs.

Changi Beach Park

Fishing In Changi Beach Park

From Changi Park, you and your family can enter Pulau Ubin which is perfect for swimming. This is quite a rough beach but in the lights, it looks perfect and is the perfect place for your family photographs. The sunset is very beautiful here and the restaurants and bars offer great entertainment.

East Coast Park

East Coast Beach Park

This is one of the more popular beaches in Eastern Singapore. It does get busy but on weekdays you and your family can have most of the beach to yourselves. The seafood here is very enticing and this beach is one of the best in Singapore.

East coast park is also one of the best outing places with your kids. Also if you have a small baby this could be the best beach for outdoor newborn photography in Singapore with some beautiful scenery in the background.

Dad And Daughter Beach Photo

Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Beach Park

If you and your family love cycling, then this is the beach you should visit because it offers excellent cycling opportunities. It offers the same kind of experience as you get when you visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, but not on such a large scale. The beach is very attractive and a great place for you to take family photographs.

Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, you can pick one or more of the above-mentioned beach spots to enjoy time with your family. The best place to relax could be the Palawan Beach. It is a beach that, though has fake grass, will make you forget you are in Singapore.

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