About Our Photography

Newborn, baby and family photography is what we do Best. We know how to capture the true love and emotions of your family. We shoot the innocent features of the newborn baby in great detail. Newborn Photography Singapore aims to give you the lifetime memories captured by our photographer. 

Our Photoshoots

Natural Newborn Photography

Lifestyle photography capture the daily routine of newborn with the family. Photographer selects various spots in your house for the shoot and engages everybody around newborn to tell the story of new life that has begun.

Posed Newborn Photography

In the posed photography, the focus is more on newborn and posing him/her in different styles. This photoshoot is best done in the first 2 weeks after the birth and should be booked during your pregnancy.

Portrait Baby Photography

We offer to photograph the baby at different stages i.e. 6 months, 9 months, 1 year. These are all special milestones which the photographer captures and create beautiful baby timelines.

Family Photography

You can arrange a family photography session with us anywhere in Singapore. We love to go to beaches, parks, BBQ parties or you are also welcome in our Studio.

Why Choose Us

Professional, Creative and Unique Newborn Photographer

We are experienced and trained to handle and pose newborn safely in the photography session. We will ensure that the baby remains comfortable and safe during the photoshoot. Plus we photoshoot each newborn in a unique way that suits your family style.

Singapore’s Top Baby Photography Studio

Our photography studio in Singapore is designed for families and babies. We have created the environment to suit the family of any size and any style. The studio is well suited for babies as well. The optimum temperature is maintained so that the newborn remains comfortable throughout the photoshoot.

Vintage Baby and Family Portrait Styles

Our team is highly skilled in editing the photos and the final portraits developed are high quality and HD with special effects. Our portraits are available in different tones including color, black and white, and many others. You can also order custom newborn portrait with us.

Cheap Photography Packages in Singapore

We offer one of the best and also cheap photography services in Singapore. Our family and newborn photography packages are available at an affordable price in Singapore and suite most families according to their needs. Get in touch with us today and we can create a custom package for you.